The Ones You Forgot

All photos taken by Dieter Unrath

Hometown and/or Current City:  Brick, NJ (Ocean County)
Keywords:  TOYF, Pop Rock, Pop Punk

     The Ones You Forgot is a pop/rock band from the Garden State.  Formed in early 2014, the band consists of lead vocalist Jenna Bruno, guitarists Ferdinand Benauro and Matt Thompson, drummer Justin Rodman and bassist Lance Nelson.     

     The Ones You Forgot's debut E.P. Peaks & Valleys (available on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and more) has been circulating the globe since May of 2015 and has grabbed the attention of all different listeners, especially those craving a new sound.  All members of the band have many different musical influences, which essentially cultivates the diversity that TOYF brings in the record, and in their live show.

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