The Empire Project

Hometown and/or Current City:  Cliffwood Beach, NJ (Monmouth County)
Keywords:  empire, project, garden state of mind, infinity, infin8ty, nj, 732

THE EMPIRE PROJECT, hip hop duo from Cliffwood Beach, NJ, has developed a way to fuse powerful, driving electronic instrumentals with hungry, ambitious lyricism.  Producer Kyle Wolf, merges genres like EDM, BOOM-BAP HIP HOP, and metalcore while lyricist, Neeks Araco, brings melodies to life, often singing his rap verses.

With over ten years of musical experience together, the duo is still inspired by their roots in past projects.  They bring with them the intensity of a rock band --Wolf still plays live drums for many of their songs and Araco incorporates bluesy, rock-n-roll vocals in his hooks.

INFIN8TY, released on July 15th, ranges from spine-chilling synthesizers, deadly screams, haunting story-telling to poppy, often sarcastic and witty anthems.  The albums tells a story, in which Araco angrily screams at Father Time for taking away everything he once had (losing his brother in a car accident, losing friends to addiction, his youth) only to find that the clock put him through hardships to teach him unforgettable lessons.  THE EMPIRE PROJECT wrote INFIN8TY to provoke unprecedented thought in hopes of creating something that will live on far longer than they will.

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