All photos taken by Karl Fernandez

Hometown and/or Current City:  Rahway, NJ (Union County)
Keywords:  Acoustic, Indie Pop, DIY, Producer, Emo, R&B, Orchestral

     Staten (a.k.a. Justin Fernandez) has been making music since he was 9-years-old.  He writes, mixes, and masters all of his own music and owns and operates his own recording studio.  In February 2016, Staten released his 3rd full length album called Saint, which was inspired by his experiences in Orlando, Florida.  "It was the first time I'd be living on my own and being in another state (other than the Tri-states).  I left behind a newly formed relationship, good friends, and my daily routine life [...] it was a very hard adjustment for me in Orlando [...] In mid-October, I quit and moved back home [...] This album was supposed to be a healing process for me [...] Unfortunately, it did not help me in the way it was intended to.  But I have found the courage to speak about problems that everyone has but no one wants to admit."  All profits from the album go to charities dealing with suicide prevention and drug addiction.  Saint is available through Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify.  

    Staten is currently a full-time student studying Business Management at Kean University.  His musical influences include Elliott Smith, Childish Gambino, Sufjan Stevens, Hellogoodbye, and Bon Iver.  

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Courtesy of Rutgers The Daily Targum