Photo - Relating to Light
is Close to the Heart

Visual Artist April Tracey & Son Collaborate on Exhibit, Orange NJ
 Opening Reception: Friday, April 22, 7-9PM, Firehouse Gallery

By Patricia Rogers

I have seen April in the neighborhood for years now.  A resident of the Firehouse Lofts and visual artist, she is a sweetheart and always has the warmest energy every time I run into her.  Friday, April 22nd she is collaborating with her son, Evan, to honor their mother and grandmother who recently passed away.  Our hearts are with her and her family.

As the community comes out to view beautiful works of art and support April and Evan at the Opening reception, I wanted to share a little more about Photo - Relating to Light.

P.R.: What inspired this exhibit?

April Tracey:  My son and I were discussing a theme.  He wanted to use a term that could have other meanings.  So we agreed upon "photo."  People will think it's a photography show but Evan is a drawer and, well, I have been using images I've shot so they are photos but they look like paintings.

But really the show is about “light.”  This is what photo means from its Greek root origins.

That is pretty cool. How was it working with your son?

Working with my son is so amazing.  I loved every moment of both of my sons' lives, but I couldn't wait for them to become adults so that we could discuss things of importance, like life, love, art, music, literature and the existence of consciousness.

This show is special and close to your family’s heart. I am sorry about your mother.

Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my mother.  She passed so suddenly and unexpectedly just two Fridays ago and because the show is related to light, Evan and I decided to honour her by dedicating the exhibition in her memory. 

I wanted to create a piece with her in mind, so I just did that this afternoon.  For the general public, I entitled it Flow Peacefully.  But privately it's called Rest in Peace.

What do you hope people take away from this particular show?

As an artist, my intent is always to move the viewer.  If I don't get a reaction out of them, then I haven't done my job effectively.  For this exhibition, when I think of light, I think of what it must feel like to be purely ephemeral, nonphysical, all knowing of things we cannot see.  And so I wonder if that reality might have an overwhelming sense of “calm."  So I want the viewer to feel calm and at peace.

What can we expect from you in the future?

For my future, I don't know.  A theme will come to me.  How I work as a visual artist, I first come up with a theme.  I then explore that theme only and tend to use the same subject matter over and over again, not unlike my work as a printmaker; same image with variations.

Personally, I am always trying to understand what consciousness is, what form does it take, where does it exist, and so through visual art I go on this journey of discovery.

I look forward to seeing your photography. are you only a photographer?

No, I am a trained printmaker.  As a young art student I incorporated photography in my work.  I would do photo silkscreen combined with calligraphy.  So I just see myself as a visual artist. Currently I'm using photography and digital art mediums, but I also use acrylic paint on canvas as well.

Rest in Peace Shirley Tracey 1927 - April 8 2016

Photo - Relating to Light

A Collaboration between April Tracey and her son, Evan Ginsberg

Friday, April 22nd - Opening Reception of new works, 7-9p.m.

Firehouse Gallery (Lofts), 580 Forest Street, Orange, New Jersey 07050

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