Pamela Roundtree, 

Hometown and/or Current City:  Jersey City, NJ  (Hudson County)
Keywords: Fitness, fit, health, jerseycity, jersey, personal trainer

     Pamela Roundtree is a New Jersey-based fitness instructor who specializes in body sculpting and nourishment. 

     In 2012, she founded NewBody.NewMind.NewLiving, a fitness program with the sole purpose of helping people create the holistic lifestyle they dream of living. 

     NewBody.NewMind.NewLiving regimen will help all that are interested, but, this is not for small changes.  They promote full transformations. 

     NewBML guides you on your journey by combining fitness, nutrition, yoga, and meditation to help transform your body and mind into a NEW YOU. 

     In 2014 and 2015 NewBML conducted Health and Fitness Days free to the community, demonstrating how exercising can be fun, and eating healthy can be inexpensive. 

Connect with Pamela & NewBML:

Snapchat: NewBody.NewMind.NewLiving