Interview with Evan Cook of Casting

By Sean McCall

S.M.:  Can you talk about how you first got into music leading up to Casting?

Evan Cook:  I don't know, I played in high school and I took a couple guitar classes.  My friend would always play down the street from me - blues stuff, Johnny Cash, and shit.  I got that first feeling where you Jam with someone and you're like, "yeah I wanna do this forever."  I was a metal head for forever, and then my friend showed me Radiohead and it was all over from there. 

How long has casting been a band?  Who are the members?

A little over 6 years.  It’s me, Christian Falcon, Tom Bonner, and James Merideth.

How did you guys meet?

I met Christian in high school through skateboarding.  He started playing bass and we tried out this one drummer who was god awful - to put it simply, he couldn't play ACDC.  So then we tried James because he was my neighbor, and he happened to just fit.  Tom is Christian's stepbrother, so he just brought him in as well.  We all had similar influences so it worked out well.

How long have you been making music personally?

I guess like 8 years. 

What's your favorite soup?

Chicken tortilla - like that spicy chicken tortilla?  That's my favorite soup.  Oh, pasta fagioli.  That's good too, shit. 

Talk about Casting right now and what's to come for you guys in the future. 

Well, we just released Armistice in December so it's been like five months.  We're trying to play as many shows as possible; we're working on writing new songs.  We have like 5 songs in the works and just trying to play as much as possible and looking to eventually tour. 

(Click above to listen to Casting’s latest release, Armistice)

If you could be on tour with any band, what band would it be and who would you replace?

Radiohead - without a doubt.  I couldn't replace any of them; I love them all too much.  Or I would play with This Will Destroy You (TX).  They're the tightest band I've ever seen.  It was incredible. 

Describe your sound.

I don't want people to think of it as one thing.  I want them to really interpret it on their own.  I just want to set up the environment for them.  I hope when they come out to shows, I guess I just want it to be an experience.  We just want to bring something fresh.


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