All photos by Andy Mac

Hometown and/or Current City:  Jersey City, NJ (Hudson County)
Keywords:  Social Music, Conundrum_tv, Germain Brito, Isaac Sanchez, Charles Tyler, Hip Hop, Jazz

     Conundrum is a social music group led by Trumpeter Germain Brito, Guitar player Isaac Sanchez, and Drummer Charles Tyler.  They are all about positive vibrations and making a spiritual connection with the audience.  

"All we want to do is make people feel good" - Conundrum. 

     This very diverse group plays music that is so free it's hard to understand at times.  Then again they are called CONUNDRUM!  Even though the music is in the heart of the listener it is still very uplifting, and a lot of studying goes down behind the scenes.  Charles, Germain, and bassist Kyosuke Nonoyama attended NJPAC Jazz for Teens in High School, where they met.  Isaac Sanchez is the self taught musician that met these guys in High School.  Kyosuke is a guitar player that told Germain he would like to try out when Germain contacted him looking for a bassist.  Ever since May of 2015, Conundrum took off performing.

"We on a mission to spread good vibes" - Conundrum.

     Conundrum has influences from Hip Hop, to Jazz, to funk, to rock, and all other kinds of music they enjoy.  Their music is constantly changing as they experiment with different sounds.  These young upcoming musicians are currently working on a mixtape which they call Social Music.

     Their next show is coming up on May 21st.  They will be playing a set around 12:30 PM at The Central Ave Auto and Music Show in Jersey City.  They also will be performing at Groove on Grove Street on June 8th, and their monthly show at Pilsener Haus on June 19th.

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