Britt Bites

By Patricia Rogers

My good friend Brittany, ever since I had known her, has been the biggest foodie I probably have ever met.  She's a great person who loves to eat, cook, read, talk and now write about food!  I was already used to discovering new food, restaurants and cocktails from Britt and now there's a blog!

Art by Jamie Chiang

Art by Jamie Chiang

The Food Blog of New Jersey’s Valley Arts District

You can now visit Britt Bites.  The food blog of the Valley Arts District. Boy, do I love writing that.  Discover:

  • New foods, and ingredients
  • Upcoming food/drink related events like wine and food tastings
  • New cocktails and speciality drinks
  • Interviews with aspiring chefs
  • All things local and about Hat City Kitchen
  • Foodie adventures with Brittany
  • So much more!

The blog just started and is growing.  So grow with Britt Bites and the cuisine culture of the Valley Arts District!

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About the Writer

Patricia Rogers, #ValleyGirlNJ, lives in New Jersey's Valley Arts District.  The native New Yorker works as a writer, blogger and community activist. Starting Masconsumption Media in 2012, she has been passionate about capturing the stories of the vibrant up and coming Valley Arts District neighborhood through her blog, zine, events and more.  She blogs for Jersey Indie, Luna Stage, and Hat City Kitchen and offers many creative media services.  Visit her and keep up with your favorite Valley Girl on social media at @valleygirl_nj (Twitter / Instagram).