Hometown and/or Current City:  Galloway, NJ (Atlantic County)
Keywords:  Punk, Pop Punk, Indie, Pop, Music, DIY

     What first had started as a weekly videocast to showcase bands and artists around the United States has taken off into a full digital musical experience.  Babetalk was founded by Oli Pleydle and has grown in size and readership providing photo showcases of local concerts, interviews featuring bands from their respective DIY communities and large reaching areas, and editorials commenting on social issues found within the music scene today.  Babetalk often sponsors Atlantic County shows and festivals, and works closely within the Southern NJ region to spotlight the best music this area has to offer under the umbrella of Punk.

     Babetalk: Promoting Our Community | Which is what JerseyIndie is striding for, way to be fam!

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