Artist Profile: Boy, Oh Boy!

Artwork by Eatontown, NJ artist Nicolas Palermo / Boy, Oh Boy!  “I’m the next  Keith Haring , just know that.” -- N.P. 

Artwork by Eatontown, NJ artist Nicolas Palermo / Boy, Oh Boy!  “I’m the next Keith Haring, just know that.” -- N.P. 

By Alex LaVallee

Nicolas Palermo is a 20-year-old artist from Eatontown, New Jersey.  Palermo’s creative style is not only recognizable but refreshing to see for many people.  Within the past few months, Palermo has gained a notable following under his artistic moniker called Boy, Oh Boy!  Palermo’s use of color and abstract imagery makes Boy, Oh Boy! an interesting and exciting project for not only fans of art but music and skateboarding as well.  Below is an interview, giving insight into the mind of Boy, Oh Boy!

A.L.: What is Boy, Oh Boy! ?

Nicolas Palermo.: Boy, Oh Boy! is the name I make my art under.  It’s not really a "pen name" per say, or even a brand name.  It’s just a way for people to associate the artwork I make with a tag.

When did Boy, Oh Boy! Start?

I’ve been writing the words “Boy, Oh Boy!” on random pieces that I’ve done since my freshman year of college, but it hasn’t had a social media presence until this past summer.

What medium do you normally use?

I paint with acrylics and draw with pens and markers.  I try to utilize both methods into one piece.  It normally comes out looking like a weird, mixed-media-collage type of thing in the end.

How did you get involved with doing merch for Cymbals Eat Guitars?

My band, Have a Good Season, opened for Cymbals Eat Guitars (NY) while I was in high school, and I’ve kept in contact with them through Facebook for a few years now.  Their bassist, Matt Whipple, hit me up to design a shirt and flyer, and they ended up loving and using what I made.  Shout out to Cymbals Eat Guitars.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Mark Gonzales, Keith Haring, Philip Guston, R. Crumb.  More recently Jim Nutt.  Keith Haring is what really got me to start drawing at an early age.  Anime and comics have also influenced me a lot.  Being Japanese, I was forced into taking inspiration from anime and manga.  I like the artwork in Ren & Stimpy, too.  I guess also music.  I usually have music playing when I make something.

What’s next for Boy, Oh Boy! ?

Free stickers, more paintings.  Hopefully I can do some album art.  My big project this semester is getting some shirts out.  I’d also like to start a skate team so be on the lookout!

All photos courtesy of Nicolas Palermo.

About the Writer

Alex LaVallee is a junior, Public Relations major at Rowan University.  He grew up in a small rural community in Hunterdon County, NJ.  LaVallee is a lover of music, art, and nature, spending most of his time finding new music or outside with his friends.  LaVallee takes pride in the fact that he grew up in NJ, and continuously is fighting for the proper recognition of Central Jersey.  Follow Alex LaVallee on social media @alex_lavallee (Instagram), @bread_cruz (Twitter).